The New Normal
Evolving ABM Strategies for
B2B’s Biggest Challenges


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When faced with mind-boggling challenges, it’s amazing how quickly we all find a way to adapt.  Make-do home offices.  Zoom happy hours. This new reality doesn’t even feel all that new anymore. Now that the initial disruptions are less of a distraction, it’s time to face facts – B2B revenue professionals are currently facing a world irrevocably changed by an economic downturn the likes of which most of us have never experienced.  So where do we go from here?

The ABM Leadership Alliance has pulled together a virtual summit to provide sales and marketing stakeholders with the help that they need right now.  The event will kick off with two keynotes designed to inspire and educate – immediately followed by 11 ABM case studies.  This contingent of standout marketers has formulated strategies and tactics to not only survive but thrive as we turn our attention back to winning business and keeping our customers happy.




NY Times Best-Selling Author
Atomic Habits: How to Get 1% Better Every Day

How can you see a dramatic improvement in your personal and professional life? The natural impulse is to attempt big steps to improve. However, taking big steps often results in failure or only temporary gains. You rarely see the permanent results you want. The key to successful change is in small habits. In this right-on-time talk, James Clear focuses on the science of small habits, how they work, and how their effects compound and multiply over time. Through research and personal stories, attendees will not only be entertained but also come away with practical approaches that are quickly applicable to our personal and professional lives.

The Future of Account-Based Everything: Rethinking Strategy & Tactics

Account-Based perspectives are more important than ever as we adjust to the new normal. But optimizing results amid so much uncertainty and stress requires a lot more than tinkering around the edges of last year’s successful (or not so successful) program.

Our panel of B2B leaders will share the latest and greatest on what’s working now, what’s new and different for the next phase of ABM optimization, and a host of do’s and don’ts to consider for positive, bottom-line impact.

Rob Leavitt, Senior Vice President, ITSMA

Gemma Davies, Director of Global ABM Strategy, ServiceNow

Marlowe Fenne, Account Based Marketing Manager, FireEye

Andrew Gaffney, Publisher, Demand Gen Report

Tara Quehl, Sr. Marketing Manager, Fidelity


5 Ways to Use a Shift in the Market to Your Advantage
Featuring Marne Reed, PFL and Ashley Beckord, DialogTech

How iQmetrix Shifted Their Marketing Strategy From In-Person to Virtual   
Featuring Gina Sidote, Bizzabo and Erin McLellan, iQmetrix

Scaling ABM at a Hypergrowth Company: Finding Your Village As An Army of One
Featuring Christine Farrier, Demandbase and Emily Luehrs, GitLab

Navigating New Markets with ABM: A ServiceMax Case Study
Featuring Emily Kono, LeanData and Pat Oldenburg, ServiceMax

How the ABM Team at Refinitiv Builds More Valuable Relationships with Their Largest Customers
Featuring Cassandra Jowett, PathFactory and Jessica Krieger, Refinitiv

Live Strategy Session: 5 Steps to Making ABM a Reality Through Webinars
Featuring Tessa Barron, ON24 and Lev Cribb,

How to Make ABM Adoption Spread Like Wildfire in Your Organization
Featuring Sophie Stanley, Engagio and Vitt Lacson, PROS

5 Tactics to Help Sales Execute Account-based Plays
Featuring Eric Martin, SalesLoft and Lindsay Gates, Limeade

Why 1:1 Video is The Sharpest Tool in Your ABM Arsenal
Featuring Jesse Walsh, Vidyard, Charles Barkham, Punch, and Adam Clarke, Punch

The Very Complicated Case Of Scaling Enterprise ABM Attribution
Featuring Bobby Narang, Opensense and Jeff Greenfield, C3 Metrics

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Meet The Speakers

James Clear

Rob Leavitt

Gemma Davies

Marlowe Fenne

Andrew Gaffney

Tara Quehl

Charles Barkham

Tessa Barron

Ashley Beckord

Adam Clarke

Lev Cribb

Christine Farrier

David Fortino

Lindsay Gates

Jeff Greenfield

Cassandra Jowett

Emily Kono

Jessica Krieger

Vitt Lacson

Emily Luehrs

Eric Martin

Erin McLellan

Bobby Narang

Pat Oldenburg

Marne Reed

Gina Sidote

Sophie Stanley

Jesse Walsh

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