After the Pandemic Pivot

Lessons Learned for the Next Wave of ABM


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Six months into the COVID economy, we’ve learned a lot about ABM agility, resilience, and creativity. Marketing and sales leaders have moved far beyond the pandemic pivot and implemented a host of successful new approaches. Now, amid the continuing economic uncertainty and the need to begin thinking about 2021, it’s time to take stock of lessons learned and set priorities for the next stage of ABM.

How can we sustain the sense of urgent collaboration and creativity that fueled the early days of the pivot? Is it possible to future-proof planning when so much is still uncertain? Which types of customers and prospects deserve more or less attention? Which experiments worked, and deserve greater investment, and which should be put aside?

The ABM Leadership Alliance invites you to join our upcoming webinar featuring a panel of ABM program leaders to explore the most important lessons learned from the last six months and the essential priorities for the next six and beyond.

Meet The Speakers

Rob Leavitt

Heidi Eisenstein