Doubling Down On
Account-Based Growth

Winning Strategies for 2023 and Beyond


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For B2B marketers, ABM has been the one constant amidst the continuous change in recent years. Account-based growth strategies have outperformed all others through the thick and thin of market upheaval, business transformation, and customer demand. So what’s next for ABM as we build our 2023 plans?

How can we double down on our top performing strategies, tactics, and approaches make the most sense as we look into yet more economic challenge and uncertainty?

Join Rob Leavitt and a stellar panel of ABMLA all-stars for a first look at the 6th annual ITSMA and ABMLA ABM benchmark study. We’ll share highlights from the study’s deep dive into top performing programs from 2022, explore the different types of initiatives to prioritize as we head into 2023, and provide some practical ideas, insight, and inspiration to help us all get through the planning process for the year ahead.


Meet The Speakers

Rob Leavitt

Tessa Barron

Kara Trapp

Marlowe Fenne