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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is all about quality, not quantity. While it’s easy to be dazzled (or dizzied) by the sheer amount of data at your fingertips, that data isn’t useful if you can’t draw conclusions and make smart recommendations for future actions.

Hosted by the ABM Leadership Alliance, this digital event features 11 customers each presenting one measurement they have mastered or are in the midst of tackling. You’ll hear how they use metrics to tie ABM programs to revenue a.k.a. the metrics that matter.

Measuring and Managing Executive Engagement: A Catalyst for Growth
Annette Christensen, Head of Account Marketing, Grant Thornton

Marketing/Sales from the Heart: How to Use Empathy to Your Advantage
Jenn Kloc, Senior Marketing Manager, Jellyvision

True Detective: Identify Your Unknown Buyers Using Account Insights
Colleen Jackson, ABM Manager, Anaplan

Why Qualified Opportunities Are a Marketer’s Best Friend
Stephanie Cox, VP, Sales and Marketing, Lumavate

Creating and Measuring Valuable Interactions
Ashley Shailer, Senior Associate & Head of Marketing, Inverta

Holistic Engagement Scoring: A Model for Measuring Event Impact
Alice Fackre, VP, Marketing, District Management Group

The Unsung Heroes: Doubling BDR Effectiveness
Sherrie Mersdorf, VP Marketing, Evariant

How to Measure ROE: Return on Engagement
Mark Feldman, Head of Revenue Operations, Localytics
Silas Larson, Senior Manager of Revenue Operations, Localytics

Strategic Influencing #FTW: Prospects, Marketing and Sales
Kathryn Levine, Demand Activation and Sales Enablement Strategy Leader, KPMG

The ABM Blueprint: Building a Program with the Three R’s
Adam May, Marketing Manager, ABM, Thomson Reuters

ABM Influence: Understanding What Drives the Second Deal
Casey Cheshire, Founder & CMO, Cheshire Impact

Meet The Speakers

Adam May

Alice Fackre

Annette Christensen

Ashley Shailer

Casey Chesire

Colleen Jackson

Jenn Kloc

Mark Feldman

Sherrie Mersdorf

Stephanie Cox

Kathryn Levine

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