Seizing the ABM Opportunity:
Prospects and Priorities for 2022


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ABM took a huge step forward in 2021 as marketers sharpened customer focus, added investment, and developed more agile and resilient account-based strategies and programs.

So, now what?

What’s next for ABM? Which strategies, tactics, and teams will work best in 2022 amid the continuously changing environment in which we’re now used to operating? Which types of customers and prospects deserve more or less attention? Which technologies deserve more attention to help accelerate ABM impact? Which experiments worked and which should be put aside?

Join the ABM Leadership Alliance and ITSMA for a first look at the results from our 5th annual ABM benchmark study. We’ll explore the most important lessons learned in 2021, what ABM leaders did differently than other programs, and what types of initiatives to prioritize next year.

Meet The Speakers

Rob Leavitt

Jon Miller

Marne Reed