Advancing ABM:

Strategies and Tactics for Innovation and Growth

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“Advanced ABM” moves beyond the basics of personalizing campaigns for priority accounts with an emphasis on continuous innovation and improvement. Today’s pioneers are tomorrow’s laggards if they’re not constantly testing the boundaries of what works and what’s next.

So, what’s next for Advanced ABM? What’s working now for the most effective ABM programs, and how are they innovating to stay at the forefront of strategies and tactics amid constant market change?

Join the ABM Leadership Alliance and ITSMA for a fast-paced discussion of the latest thinking and action for advancing ABM impact. Learn from our expert panel as they explore: How should you invest in new ABM approaches to accelerate the growth of your most important customers and prospects? What strategies and tactics might no longer work? What types of experiments might open entirely new ways to engage?

Meet The Speakers

Rob Leavitt

Tessa Barron

Charm Bianchini

David Fortino

Cassandra Jowett

Sandra Freeman

Christine Maxey

Marne Reed

Jesse Walsh