Episode 2

Executive Coaching from the Inside Out

Featuring Kate McKay, Inside Us

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You work with humans.

If you didn’t know that before, you do after seeing kids popping into Zoom meetings and pets going crazy in the background over the last few months.

Don’t worry, though. The enforced work-from-home situation is simply accelerating the trend toward authenticity in the workplace.

The trouble is, a lot of us don’t know how to be our own authentic self at work while still being a professional. We need coaches to help us do that.

In this episode of The ABM Podcast, Kate McKay, executive coach at Inside Us, gives us half an hour of top-shelf business and marketing coaching.

Christine and Kate discuss:

Why COVID-19 is helping accelerate the trend toward authenticity at work
How to add value and make yourself indispensable at work beyond your marketing or sales role
What to do to demonstrate your value to hiring managers if you’re in the job market now

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