Rethinking ABM: Outperforming the Market in the World of AI

2023 Global State of Account-Based Marketing

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Account-based marketing (ABM) stands on the cusp of transformation. The rapid rise and
widespread adoption of generative AI has opened the door to dramatic improvements in
almost every aspect of the discipline.

But hindered by longstanding performance challenges, ABM leaders need more than just AI to
achieve optimal results. Instead, companies must rethink their approach to ABM entirely if they
want to fully capitalize on its benefits and outperform the market.

Rethinking ABM: Outperforming the Market in the World of AI is the 7 th annual ABM benchmark
report from Momentum ITSMA and the ABM Leadership Alliance. It provides a viewpoint on the
state of ABM today and highlights the factors that separate high-performing programs from the

Based on an international survey of more than 200 ABM leaders and practitioners, in-depth
interviews, and hands-on experience with hundreds of ABM programs, the report documents
ABM strategies, budgets, tactics, tools, challenges, and results. The report also provides
strategic recommendations for 2024 and beyond based on the performance of today’s leaders
and the transformational impact of generative AI.