Episode 1

Sales & Marketing Perspectives on ABM

Featuring Kacie Finance, Bizzabo and Amber Bogie, Degreed

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I would love for somebody to know what I want for dinner every night and then bring it to me. But I don’t want somebody to shoot me an email saying, “Hey, I saw you on my site looking at spaghetti recipes. Do you have 15 minutes on Thursday to tell you why our spaghetti is the best?”

Unfortunately, I’ve seen marketing/sales teams do things just like that when selling their software.

Delivering a personal message in a relevant way to prospects requires critical alignment between sales and marketing. And that’s what ABM is all about.

In this episode of The ABM Podcast, Kacie Finance, director of strategic accounts at Bizzabo, and Amber Bogie, ABM manager at Degreed, share their distinct sales and marketing perspectives on ABM.

Brandon, Kacie, and Amber discuss:

Which companies should — and which shouldn’t — be doing ABM
How important is alignment between sales and marketing? (VERY) And how do you make that alignment happen?
The biggest mistake people make when trying to align marketing with sales

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