Episode 9

How to Use Video to Take ABM to the Next Level

Featuring Jesse Walsh, Vidyard and Alan Woks, Flywheel Consulting

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With everybody working from home these days, our email boxes are more cluttered than ever.

From sales pitches to follow ups, to those obnoxious reply-all emails that drive us all crazy, it’s clear that nobody wants more emails. Which begs the questions, how do you do outbound account-based marketing when email is a last resort?

On this episode of The ABM Podcast, we’re talking to Jesse Walsh and Alon Waks about video and it’s role in ABM. What is the first step in getting started? How do you incorporate video into your outbound marketing efforts? What sort of fancy equipment do you need?

They’re experts in their fields, and were on the podcast to talk about, among other things:

  • Why video is no longer a “nice to have” but is now a “must.”
  • The dangers of overusing video
  • What to do with customers who don’t’ watch your videos
  • Why you should never let perfect be the enemy of progress

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