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B2B Marketing & Sales Recipes
to Accelerate Growth

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Being a B2B marketer can be like being an overworked chef. Leadership is hungry and expecting results fast. 

Revenue growth is on the menu and a starving sales team wants to court their key accounts, what can you prepare to feed demand — and fast?

Fortunately, experts from the ABM Leadership Alliance have prepared a cookbook of recipes to satisfy even the most demanding revenue appetites. With a variety of courses chosen by channel, you’ll be inspired to fill up your funnel. 

Watch now for a masterclass where B2B experts will show you:

  • How to craft content that will have buyers coming for seconds.
  • The jus that will zhuzh up your customer journeys.
  • Entrées for engagement and the courses that close.
  • The mise en place for measurement success.

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your place in the kitchen today!

Meet The Speakers

Cassandra Jowett

Jesse Walsh

Dave Fortino

Doug Bell

Tessa Baron

Sam Yarborough

Jennifer Hughes

Justin Keller