The Resourceful Marketer’s Cookbook

Quick and Easy Growth Recipes To
Achieve More With Less



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Working in B2B marketing can be a lot like cooking. Cooks have hungry mouths to feed and need to do it fast. And like in B2B marketing, requests keep coming even when the pantry is running low on ingredients.

So for a B2B marketer that must serve sales when there’s hunger for demand — even with fewer resources than before — what can they rustle up to deliver rapid results?

Fortunately, experts from the ABM Leadership Alliance are here to guide you through the challenge. Join them as they share with you their recipes that will satisfy demand and inspire improvisation.

In this special masterclass with courses to cater for every channel, you’ll learn:

    • The data to decide the campaigns you’ll serve.
    • The seasonings to enhance your customer journeys and leave sales smiling.
    • The garnishes for growth that work no matter what.
    • The measurement taste tests to prove your results.

So, are you ready to start cooking? Watch now!

Meet The Speakers

Andrew Warren-Payne

Jesse Walsh

Tessa Barron

David Fortino

Bri Krantz

Stefanie Neer

Brian Rogers

Hannah Jordan

Amy Vosko