Episode 11

How ABM Can Transform Your Marketing

Featuring David Fortino, NetLine, and Jeff Haws, MessageGears

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MessageGears, a customer marketing platform, launched out of the Georgia Tech incubator in Atlanta in 2010. The company has grown extremely fast and now employs 50 people.

In the early days, MessageGears took a spray-and-pray approach to marketing. About three years ago, however, they started to get strategic and develop an ABM approach.

In this episode of The ABM Podcast, Jeff Haws, senior marketing manager at MessageGears, talks with Christine and co-host David Fortino about how ABM transformed marketing at MessageGears.

Jeff, David, and Christine discuss:

  • How MessageGears got started
  • The ways ABM ties into a content strategy
  • How content syndication can help identify new personas
  • What content syndication looks like going forward

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