Welcome to Mini Mighty ABM!

ABM is like eating an elephant

There’s a joke that gets a lot of play in goal-setting circles and it goes like this: How do you eat an elephant? The answer: One bite at a time.

This is such an important message in ABM that I’m thinking of wearing it on a t-shirt (with a blazer and gold hoop earrings, of course) to all my account-based marketing events. Anything to reinforce the message to frazzled marketers that:

  1. The best time to start or scale ABM is now, and
  2. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You’re in good hands with the 12 members of the ABM Leadership Alliance.

Believe it or not, ABM newbies today have it lucky. They have access to a wealth of knowledge from all the experienced folks who’ve been there and done that in every facet of ABM, from before it was even called that. But their challenge is that unlike those who came before, they are inundated with ABM information. Ebooks. Case studies. White papers. Playbooks, tips, tricks, hacks, podcasts, webinars, webinines—Slack groups, livecasts, and masterclasses. The proverbial inedible elephant in the room.

Who do you follow? Who should you watch? Who should you trust? It’s all too much.

That’s why the world needs Mini Mighty ABM. Over the next 13 weeks, we’ll bring you a series of bite-sized posts by some of the top ABM experts—each with one actionable item you can immediately apply.

It’s mini—the five-minute post will change your week—but also mighty—each post is accompanied by a deep-dive webinar on the topic that’ll change your year.

Excited? Don’t wait. You can get early access to all the webinars below, and check back often as a new post will go live each Tuesday morning, click to read the first one HERE.

So, pass the tabasco, and let’s get to it!

  • Demandbase: ABM Success Starts with Alignment → BLOG, WEBINAR
  • Sigstr: How Snowflake Drives 100% Engagement → BLOG, WEBINAR
  • Salesforce: Up Close with Salesforce: Four Steps to a Successful ABM Strategy → BLOG, WEBINAR
  • Bizzabo: Harnessing the Power of In-Person: How to Understand the Impact of Live Events on ABM → BLOG, WEBINAR
  • InsightSquared: Measuring B2B Success with Buying Groups and ABM → BLOG,WEBINAR
  • Vidyard: How to Be Simply Irresistible with Hyper-Personalized Video for ABM → BLOG, WEBINAR
  • PFL: Create ABM Campaigns Your Prospects (and your Boss) Rave About → BLOG, WEBINAR
  • PathFactory: Driving with Data: 3 ABM Lessons Learned → BLOG, WEBINAR
  • SalesLoft: How to Know if Account-Based is Working (or Not) → BLOG, WEBINAR
  • Engagio: Alerts to Activate! → BLOG, WEBINAR
  • Intelligent Demand: Demystifying ABM Technology → BLOG, WEBINAR
  • LeanData: The ABM Data Layer: How Meaningful Data Connections Lead to Higher Conversion→ BLOG, WEBINAR
  • ON24: Evolve ABM to ABE (Account-Based Engagement) → BLOG, WEBINAR