How to Make Your ABM Program Spread Like Fire

Mini Mighty ABM

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ABM programs don’t always spread on their own. Sometimes, they have to overcome the powerful pull of inertia because a lead generation program in motion stays in motion if it’s what people are used to—even if it’s a wildly inefficient way to land high-contract value deals.

You can’t just tell your reps about ABM once. You can’t just send one email. You have to keep it up. If they forget what you’re doing, don’t recall the different programs they can use, and don’t talk about it with their peers, the program doesn’t catch fire and spread.

You have to market your ABM program internally if you want it to succeed externally. Like my friends at PFL say, it helps to reinforce your message seven times in seven ways.

7 ways to internally market ABM:

1. ABM standups

Schedule a recurring stand-up for everyone on each top-tier account. Twice per month is plenty—it gives people enough time to get things done in-between but is still frequent enough to be useful—and don’t let the meeting run for more than 15 minutes. Any longer, and it may feel like a burden and people may skip it.

In our first year at Engagio, our VP of Sales was opposed to stand-ups on the grounds that we couldn’t spare the time. But we tried them and I think he won’t mind me sharing that he now thinks they’re crucial to keep deals moving.

2. ABM Slack channel

Create an ABM Slack channel (or equivalent) and post the most valuable tips, updates, and news there, and use it to celebrate success. It keeps the conversation going between stand-ups and it’s an easy way to stay accountable to each other on key actions. A tip: Keep the notes simple and be clear on ownership, service level agreements, and deadlines.

3. Create success decks

Transform your ABM wins into PowerPoint success decks that explain “Here’s how we won each of these deals,” with lots of visuals. This can be as simple as asking reps and marketers how they won an account, adding the use case and stats, and packaging them into a format that can be passed among reps. If you release success decks with relative frequency, it sustains a sense of ABM momentum, and reps can steal those slides for their demos.

Here is a real-world example of one of Engagio’s deal stories using key engagement across time:

A deal story slide

4. Meeting mentions

Find time in non-ABM meetings to mention how well ABM is going. Share stories and anecdotes from your stand-ups and mention all the cool stuff that can be found in the Slack channel, like links to recent success decks.

5. Rotating screens

If you have TV monitors around the office that broadcast company news, get your success deck slides up there. Include headshots of the team involved in the deal. It’s fun for them and ties that ABM win to someone everyone sees around the office.

6. Board decks

Your program needs top-down awareness, too. Create ABM slides for your board presentations that include ABM data. This is where technology plays a crucial role. If you have good ABM software, it takes less time and effort to pull charts and KPIs and it makes you a lot more confident. You’ll be able to answer the trend questions for engagement, deal velocity, conversions at different stages, deal size, and win rates from your ABM efforts.

7. Over-communicate

However much you think you need to communicate, do more. Sales reps have different ways of talking, learning, and absorbing. Find out how your reps like to communicate and do it that way—a lot.

Whatever your medium is, get your ABM news out there and keep telling those stories—seven times, in seven ways—so reps get excited and the program spreads.

My actionable takeaway:

For your ABM program to work externally, you have to market it internally. Collect those customer wins and promote them within the company.

Sandra Freeman

Head Of Strategic Marketing, Engagio

Sandra Freeman leads Engagio’s ABM strategy and programs and is energized by working with revenue teams and serving as an advisor to other ABM enthusiasts. Sandra is driven to create synergies through ABM + demand gen, partners + programs, and data + creativity for amazing results. Her personal mantra is #MakeItHappen.