ABM Highlights

Check out our favorite insights and resources curated especially for ABM practitioners (no business email address required).

Mini Mighty ABM Blog Series
A series of bite-sized posts by some of the top ABM experts—each with one actionable item you can put into action immediately. These five-minute posts will change your week and each post is accompanied by a deep-dive webinar on the topic that’ll change your year.

2019 ABM Benchmark Report
The ABM Leadership Alliance-ITSMA Benchmark Report addresses critical program challenges, tools and technologies in common usage and reveals what more mature programs do differently than those in early development. These findings will help provide guidance on how to best expand current ABM programs and invest to optimize ABM impact.

ABM Certification
We know this time is unpredictable and long-term planning can be downright difficult. That’s why we are here to help in any way we can. Take this opportunity to become an ABM Certified Strategist! Demandbase’s ABM Certification courses are designed for marketing and sales professionals who are looking to improve their marketing strategy. Normally, these certification programs are available for free only to their customers!

ABM Playbook
Whether you’re just getting started with ABM or have been practicing it for years, check out this playbook for sample timelines for sales and marketing teams to start executing ABM strategies and battle-tested ABM tactics with all the nitty-gritty step-by-step guidance included.

TimeTrade ABM Case Study
Discover how TimeTrade increased pipeline and reduced cost per opportunity using multi-channel ABM programs across the buyer’s journey.

How to Run a Direct Mail Campaign with Preferred Shipping Addresses
Connecting with customers in today’s environment is harder than ever. As your competition turns to a digital-only strategy, this is your opportunity to stand out with a more personal and memorable touch. Learn how to send mail when most of your target audience is suddenly working from home.

Enjoying the Many Flavors of a Blended ABM Strategy
Whether you’re just starting or have been executing ABM programs for years, taking a blended approach to ABM is a smart move. In this webinar, we’ll explore how all three approaches (1:1, 1:Few and 1:Many) have their place in a blended ABM strategy with practical tips and key insights.

Virtual Panel: This is How you ABM
This webinar highlights ABM practitioners’ story of how ABM has changed their overall approach to their programs and campaigns and the way they operate in their day-to-day roles. Where they started, how they sold internally, and most importantly, the results they are seeing!

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Stephanie Blackwell

Demand Generation Manager, Demandbase

Stephanie Blackwell is Demand Generation Manager at Demandbase. In this role, she works as the coordinator for the ABM Leadership Alliance as well as running campaigns for Demandbase. She has a background in partner marketing and reality television production.