New eBook: Solving Six Common Use Cases with ABM Technology

ABM technology has become a hot topic these days, primarily because B2B marketers have moved past the basics of ABM and are looking for ways to improve upon their processes and scale their strategies. As marketers look to scale their ABM strategies, they need guidance on how to identify and implement the right technology solutions.

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of the ABM technology landscape, check out our latest eBook, Solving Six Common Use Cases with ABM Technology

In the eBook, you’ll find six of the most common use cases today’s B2B marketers struggle with:

  • Assigning attribution in an account-based world
  • Building and managing the right target account list
  • Personalizing the website experience
  • Moving visitors through the buyer’s journey with content
  • Reaching and engaging the right stakeholders
  • Arming sales with insights to follow up on marketing programs

This eBook will give you a good sense on how to navigate the ABM technology landscape, pinpoint challenges within your own ABM strategy and build a plan to ensure success down the road.

Download the eBook.