Stacey Adams
Marketing Director, 3C Software
Since 2002, Stacey has served as the leader of marketing initiatives at 3C Software. Her responsibilities include lead generation, product marketing, corporate communications, public relations, event management, and marketing operations. In addition, Stacey manages the online advertising and demand generation efforts for the company. Prior to joining 3C Software, Stacey served as a manager in the strategy consulting group at Accenture where she worked with financial services clients on a wide range of projects. Early in her career, Stacey served as Participant Services Manager for benefits leader Hewitt Associates and Customer Service Manager at long-distance player Sprint.

ABM Now Issue #2: The Attention-Deficit Disaster

Oct 14, 2020

SalesLoft and 3C Software on cultivating consistency and why impersonal outreach is turtles all the way down