Keeping Up With ABM:
Behind the Scenes of
Top ABM Programs


January 27, 2022 9am PT

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2021 was an incredible year for innovation in ABM! So what’s next?

We’re taking a look back at the top ABM programs of 2021, and setting our sights on 2022!

While hosting the first-ever 2021 ABM Leadership Awards – we uncovered some exceptional, forward-thinking ABM-ers that ran extremely creative and innovative account-based strategies and programs in 2021.

Join the ABM Leadership Alliance webinar on 1/27 for a chance to look back on the ABM wins of 2021, and meet some of the bright minds that dreamed these programs up! We’ll dive into top programs, wins/losses, and learnings that promise to make ABM in 2022 even more innovative!

Meet The Speakers

Jennifer Leaver

Erin Pak

Nick Robinson

Sam Yarborough