Zsuzsanna Blau
Senior Manager of Global Enterprise Campaigns, Nokia
I'm an audience-centric digital marketing head who is known to challenge the status quo and is unafraid to navigate into the unknown and learn through discovery. With a degree in Business Information Systems, I pride myself on creating marketing strategies that not only deliver customer value and business impact, but also bring technology closer to people. At Nokia, I currently focus on our marketing efforts into Webscale, arguably the most interesting and dynamic industry segment out there, as well as campaign and sales enablement. My favorite buzzwords for 2021 are #CustomerExperience and #BuyerEnablement.

ABM Now Issue #8: Giving Up the Gate

Feb 17, 2021

In this interview, we hear from Zsuzsanna Blau, Senior Manager of Global Enterprise Campaigns at Nokia, and Cassandra Jowett, Senior Director of Marketing at PathFactory, as they discuss creating positive customer experiences